Getting Started With An E Cig

Like many people, I have smoked for a long time. I enjoy the rush when I inhale, and smoking helps me relax. However, it has become increasingly difficult in recent years to find places where I can smoke in peace. More and more places now prohibit smoking, and the habit is not very popular with a lot of folks.


I often end up having to smoke outdoors in the cold or the rain, and this is not very pleasant. I have long wanted to find a way to continue to smoke without having to worry so much about finding a place to do it. It was only recently that I discovered that electronic cigarettes were a way to make this happen.

Until recently, I did not know much about e cigs. I had heard of them, of course, but I was under the mistaken impression that they were very expensive and difficult to use. However, a few months ago, a store selling them opened a few blocks away from my apartment. I was taking a walk one day when I went past it, and on an impulse, I decided to go inside and see what they had for sale.

I quickly discovered that many of my beliefs about electronic cigarettes were mistaken. They were not hideously expensive, nor did they require bulky equipment to use. Instead, they were compact and quite reasonably priced. I decided on the spur of the moment to give one a try.

The staff at the store were very helpful and answered all of my questions. I was able to choose a starter pack for a very low price. They were having a sale, and if I signed up with their loyalty program, I could get an even steeper discount. Buying the starter pack was a lot cheaper than buying a new case of traditional cigarettes, I discovered.

Now that I have started smoking an e cig, I am finding it hard to go back to the old ways. Not only are they less expensive, but I can smoke them almost anywhere. Since all they produce is harmless water vapor, I do not have to worry about other people glaring at me or asking me to move.

I would definitely recommend these products to any smoker out there who is tired of being unable to find a place to smoke. They are definitely the way to go.

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